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Mizuno Golf
B2B, Affiliate, PR, Brand Management, PPC, Social Media
A London based strategic marketing role with the aim of raising the profile of Mizuno products and services via various mediums such as magazine, on-line websites, training seminars, attending conferences, exhibitions and our through retail account base within UK market. Utilising on-line marketing initiatives such as click through banner ads, SMS advertising, SEO strategies, on-line booking consumer booking diary, email viral campaigns, Facebook and Twitter. Key Objectives included, managing sales and marketing team of 5, recruitment and coaching. Implementing, monitoring and evaluating corporate strategies and managing the £1.2m budget. Key highlight was maintaining market share at a 30% higher price.
Nike Inc
Brand Management
Consultancy through understanding data analysis, what motivates consumers and how to put strategies in place to improve overall business. I identified opportunities and achieved growth through marketing within the digital channels. Key objectives included shaping the brand identity at retail and measuring how well it resonated with the desired demographic. I improved client engagement through planned social media strategy, email, online advertising and local marketing events. Tracking, reviewing analytics and conversions to benchmark success enabling optimal results. Highlights included the successful implementation the first ever Nike Performance Fitting Centre whilst producing some outstanding initial results (£365k.) Furthermore, Swoosh Advisory Account sales increased on average by 166%.

Website Build, SEO, PPC, Social Media Campaigns, Graphic & Video Design
This project encompassed my full integrated approach to marketing their business for the first time in their history. The brief entailed a new website, SEO and PPC campaigns, GMB, video, graphic design, event management and LinkedIn marketing. So far we have seen incredible engagement levels and website visits over 900% increase on visitor traffic vs the previous website.
MotoNovo Finance
App Build, Social Media, Email, SEO & PPC Campaigns
Partnering businesses on their digital marketing campaigns. Utilising SEO, PPC, social media and email marketing platforms, I comprised strategies to enable businesses to market throughout the digital channel with highly relevant, highly targeted campaigns, ensuring results. Key objectives were to identify new opportunities to engage with existing and new clients, evaluate existing marketing materials, content and email marketing, social media and advertising, determining how successfully these target customers and generate sales.
Website Build, SEO, PPC, Social Media Campaigns, Graphic & Video Design
Built from scratch a website highlighting the features and benefits of this pioneering roof maintenance giant. Finest SEO & GMB works quickly achieved results with expertly crafted PPC campaigns. Ad extensions and snippets used to improve quality score resulted in Ads being served to 23k geo targeted and relevant users in the first 28 days from launch. LinkedIn campaigns implemented with engagement levels over 7%.
Bonnyton Golf Club
Website, Membership Subscription Service, SEO, PPC, Social Media Campaigns
Through an online joining facility I built for Bonnyton golf club, coupled with some very targeted and niche Facebook & Google Advertising, I have now helped them sell 56 online membership subscriptions, more offline also. The club receives the first payment immediately into their account. The system then takes the monthly fee thereafter like a normal DD or standing order. There is a (*) notifying that they must attend a meeting with a board member to be accepted fully into the club, within 4 weeks of joining online. Feel free to contact me if you would like more information for your club.
SwingFit Clubs
SEO, PPC, Social Media Campaigns, Email Management
This project began initially as a hire for PPC management. However, the relationship developed into very successful SEO, Social Media, Email Management, Video and Graphic Design campaigns. We have enjoyed tremendous results increasing visitor traffic by 200% and funnelling visitors to a new booking diary. After a year of significantly increased profit the business recently expanded opening a 2nd destination in Miami at the Jim McClean Golf School at The Biltmore Hotel resort.
Williamwood Golf Club
Website Build & Social Media Campaign
A new dynamic content website integrating with BRS and social media was successfully implemented in 2016. Ranking positions and gains within Google for local golf club searches through successfully implemented SEO activities increased website traffic by over 500%. Facebook campaigns designed with video were created to encourage new numbers and increase in house spending from the existing membership, this resulted in 71 new members joining the club in early 2018. A fantastic result providing excellent ROI for the club. In a very challenging marketplace, Williamwood is now one of the healthiest golf clubs in Scotland.
Dumfries Golf Shop
Website Build, Social Media Campaigns, Graphic & Video Design
Building the stores first ever ecommerce website and comprising targeted social media campaigns, we have successfully driven fantastic growth and significantly outperforming the market through effective business development. Expanding the business with a Trackman centre, new consumers and a great friendship along the way!
Vivid Projects
Website Build, Instgram Campaigns, Google Ads, Graphic & Video Design
Coming any day this space
WorldWide Jobs
SEO, PPC & Social Media Campaign
Successful SEO Campaign resulted in unique users increase from 900k to 1.93m and almost 40k SERP increase across 150+ keywords phrases relating to their market. We witnessed 3x the number of conversions to job applications and candidate registration resulting in the highest number of placements ever from website applicants. Furthermore, LinkedIn followers were also increased from c1800 to 11k in 9 months, contributing almost 27k visits to the website.
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