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1st Hole
(Turn up volume, press play icon and touch right side of screen if on mobile phone to get rid of the dark overlay. Below each video is the transcripts from the recordings to aid with the Glaswegian accent)

Okay, so number one, it's just driver, bombs away. If it's downwind, the green is on. Go for it. Yeah, there's really, there's really no trouble to speak of hugely. If you're going to hit an iron off the tee here, we want to be aiming for the right hand side here. There's this area here about half the size of football pitch you want to be in there.

As you can see it almost lends itself to that and it gives you a slightly easier second shot up the green. As you get towards the green these bunkers are pretty heavy duty. Avoid these front three and that one actually as well.

You want to be trying to get up the back half of the green. It's much flatter, it's much more hole-able putts. You can see there's no issue really with going long here at all either.
Be careful around this front area you get runoffs. If it's windy the ball can be oscillating a lot in these elephant's backs here, so be careful with your putts when you're in the high winds.
2nd Hole
You're coming from over the right hand side here, so I'll move this on. This area here, if it's into the wind, this is a good area just to hit something into, because you get a nice flat line, it's not too difficult a second shot. However, you want to definitely avoid that bunker. So a nice faded tee shot into this zone here is good.  Anything in here.  Again, there's an argument for just bombs away with the driver. You can get near there.

From the championship tee, you're kind of coming in from this angle. These bunkers are probably right in your road. However, a drive into this area here would leave you a putt or a bump and run five iron or something up into that channel there.

These bunkers aren't a disaster if you end up in them. You can actually get the green from them quite easily, even though they look deep, they're not that bad.

These bunkers, however, the green-side bunkers, just a nightmare. You don't want to end up in there at all.

Aiming for the back half of the green. Again, long is good. I've been over in these areas long left. It's quite an easy wee putt, just straight back up the green, nothing difficult. So again, back half of this green is your safety zone and go for that, I would suggest would be the best advice.
3rd Hole
The third is again driver if prevailing wind is in play. There's a burn to be contending with here, which you'll need to measure out hitting a drive up the right hand side here. There's a shoulder that bounds it towards the green. So if you can if you get one that lands in this zone here That would be absolutely ideal. Also, it's a shorter carry as a burden comes from left to right comes neither you feeling that where these guys are in this video is perfect.

You want to be avoiding the two bunkers otherwise you're coming sideways. Anything into this right hand channel and it also feeds nicely down the green. But again, this is a really good chance for you. This is a real birdie hole.

These bunkers aren't too much of a problem. Again, the back half is where you want to be at. The front's got a lot of undulations in shoulders. If you end up here, the further right you hit your putt, the further left it ends up. So you want to kind of be in this back two thirds or back half of the green. If you do hit driver and you end up in this zone, that's perfect putting back up the green. But go for it.
4th Hole
On to the forth you guys are going to be off the back tee here, which does make it a lot longer. You're line really, you want to feed it between the edge of this bunker and that bunker. If you can hit a real bullet cut shot down here, you can catch the speed trap here that just runs for miles. This is pretty much the line you guys are going to be teeing off from. Just say if you can just keep it inside this bunker.

You can hit like a bullet cut, low spin, real running tee shot. You can get right down into these areas here that can leave you a really nice second shot. The second shot requires feed it down the middle of the green. Avoid all of these traps. That's a really nasty bunker actually. That one you don't want to be in there. That pin's a good one actually. That's the line you want to just try and get it right down the heart of the green. There probably will be a pin here. Just be careful.

They'll probably set it right on the shoulder and there's a real runoff there. It's pretty nasty actually if you end up down there. It's an awkward chip back. But again this is really gettable. You need to be birdieing this as well. If I go over to the right here. I just came down this channel here. Again a great chance. Long's good again. There's nothing easy. Easy putts and chips back up the slope there. If you end up over the back.
5th Hole
First part three here, this is going to be a slightly different angle for you guys. You're going to be kind of coming from over here.You need to get this airborne.  This bunker is a nightmare. Yeah, don't get stuck in there. That's a nightmare. That's 64 degree up your nose to try and get that out.

This again, anywhere over this bunker, you boys will probably hit this with a nine iron or something like that. But you want to be getting it plenty of height on it, get it coming down soft. Don't miss left. Don't get that bunkers all not the worst actually, but anything up the right hand side over the back here is a good area up around the back.  Yes, a big enough green. Just just don't get stuck in here. That's really the only thing you need to avoid. Just get it up into this area here. The pins.

Front right from where you're coming out we over here you just need to take a 30 footer and go on to the next.
6th Hole
Okay, so number six. You guys are going to be pretty far back. The right hand channel is where to head it down. You'll get a bounce left and you'll run down into this area here.

Dead if you're in here, you need to avoid these two. As I say, head up the right and it'll kick down left into this area here, which will give you the opportunity to go again. Downwind, you can hit a 400 yard drive down here quite easily.

Leave yourself a short iron in. Moving up the hole, this is an interesting area here. I want to talk about this for a minute. There's a plateau here. If it's into the wind and you're not getting up, this whole channel down the left leaves you a very, you can see it there, there's a little, this is a great area for hitting a wedge in, it's a lovely flat zone there. Much better than this right hand side. But as you get up towards the green, be very careful. There's now a bunker here that you can't see.

It's a nightmare bunker that one as is this one you'd really just want to try and feed it try and feed it in over the right you've got to be you've got to be aware of this bunker if you're coming in going for it in two. And you've got a long long iron or even a wood. Maybe you need to need to flight this because you don't want stuck in there, you'll get out, but it's going to be a difficult.
7th Hole
Okay on to seven, this is the bit we really need to start paying attention. Right, if this is downwind enough, it's driver. That signs on the road is your line, if you're gonna try and drive the green, is around about here, just right at these bunkers. It's pretty much over the postage stamp, really. It is on, it's get-able, easy for you boys.

Everything runs towards the green from the back of this back of this hump but that being said it's sometimes just not on at all right here we are let's pause this here there's actually a road sign you'll see it when you play it there's a road sign up about that might be it there it's white you can't miss it that is actually the perfect line for a driver off this tee if the drives not on you want to be trying to hit a cut shot.

I always try and hit a fade iron or a cut sort of slightly spinny three wood that kind of bounces up and grabs you slightly because you do not want to be in this bunker on this one that one you've got a chance of getting the green out of that one you don't the face is too high you're coming sideways and then this this green as you approach the green you'll probably be hitting from here say do not go in there that's you're coming back this way.

So you want to feed it up the right. The ball tends to bounce slightly off that right. Anyway, make sure you get it up the green as well. If you really clip a wedge, it's often it can spin back down off this green. So feed something a bit take the spin off it Maybe take a wedge instead of a 52 or knock it down a bit and take the spin off it.
8th Hole
Postage stamp pretty scary okay the secret to the postage stamp is front third front third 103 yards from memory to the front of that green and this is the bit you want to be playing for that there is curtains that there is curtains if you do end up in there. You can get it up now you can actually use that backstop screw it back down the green if you have missed that bunker there.

This one is just pray to God if you've ended up in there. So avoid trying to hit if you slightly pull one and it goes long and left you're in there it's curtains. The green itself doesn't actually move too much it's quite flat you can hold putts on it you just need to make sure you hit the green.

This isn't the worst bunker in the world everything erring on the short side here is safer you just do not want to get stuck in there that bunker is actually not the worst either. That's dead, that's dead.

Everything short of that pin. I don't want you trying to hit it any further than that pin there actually. So front third is the answer.
9th Hole
Right first and foremost number nine you want to avoid these two bunkers okay. 'm actually a fan of hitting a cut shot with a driver and letting it bleed down because it tends to take a hard bounce and it runs right the way down and in fact sometimes you can actually be put in here. Maybe not from the championship right enough but you wouldn't believe how far down this hole you can get, but it's either an iron into this zone and then you've got a longer iron shot and it's not that difficult to be honest but as I say, I am a fan of just blasting it down here because it kicks and bounds and runs all the way down.

You can leave yourself, you know, you can be very often in this kind of area or even up at the green if it's downwind enough. The green itself suffers from a big runoff on the left hand side and it's also got quite a big two tier in it. Outside of that it's pretty flat. Big open stands going to be here.

It's actually quite a get-able hole this to be honest. If you miss left it's just a fairly... it's not ideal but you've got a pitch and run back up the hill it could be difficult if it's a tight pin so aim up the front, the front sort of front right half of the screen there's really no trouble to the right at all okay but from your tee shot you want to be short of these bunkers and avoiding this gorse but you see.

I like to hit a cut driver and just feed it all the way down.
10th Hole
Welcome to the end of your life, the back nine at Troon 😆. Right, the tee shot requires you to hit it over the left hand side of this, that the left hand side of this, You have to hit it ideally with a draw and enough hang time on it that it makes this carry. The house is not the line, don't go that far right at all. You want to be hitting it over the left hand side of this here.

If you hit it over there, you're dead. It's got to be very accurate over this line here. Okay, and you'll see why in a wee second. So you can hit a high draw over that corner and get it down into this area here or ideally even up here because then you can get a view of the green. Don't miss right, okay? Aim up everything up the left hand side of this. This pin's actually a good target for you the whole week. Get it up onto this left hand plateau.

If you miss left into this area it's a dead easy up and down just putt it from this zone. Down here is a nightmare it actually doesn't look it in the camera but it's much much steeper than it does look. Short's not great it can feed all the way back down and long is not so good either it feeds off you might even end up down in that gorse bush so you want to be hitting up the left hand side of this green and bad short short left long left's fine you're all in here okay just don't hit it down the right.
11th Hole
The best hole in the course. Your line is that building with a fade. Smash it, full tilt driver, everything you've got. You see, keep your eye on that building with a fade shot. It'll feed down nicely into this fairway. We don't really have anything else other than that to say. It's critical you get this tee shot right. Long, long cut shot.

When it comes to the second shot, got to hit the green really. I mean long and left isn't good. It's a big shoulder that runs off down the left. You want to be sort of fading it back probably towards the danger unfortunately, there is a better shout as you approach this green. As I say long and left isn't great anywhere sort of between the railway and the greens fine.

Again it's a good flat green that you've got a chance of holing a putt there.
12th Hole
12th tee shot. Invariably the guys all like to hit irons down here and try and play into this corner because they don't feel as though there's much benefit of hitting the driver down the right. I'm actually quite a fan of hitting driver down here because again you can catch this area where it just bounces and runs further down.

This is the most bogied hole against handicap for the members but you can see why the better players opt for an iron shot that runs down this channel you can invariably end up in the same spot as you would with a driver so you'll probably be hitting from this zone here the green is where it starts to get interesting, here everything left this pin runs off down into this area here whichI think isn't a bad one if you're going to miss it that bunker is curtains don't go in there.

If the pins up the back shelf here, my advice is run it low and get it running up the green. High flighted shots just come down, tend to bounce around, end up coming off the green. It's a really tricky green to hold. You want to be aiming in for this area here. I tend to hit low, kind of draw shots into this hole that skip up the green and kind of hold it.

Anything left to here just ends up down in this area here, which as I say, isn't a disaster. If you're going to miss it, miss it left, but that's a no go. zone at all for you just don't don't get in there.
13th Hole
Okay, 13 from the tee, you want to be getting it coming down again, it's driver or three wood, depending on how the wind's hitting you. You want to be kind of bouncing it in off this shoulder again, if you can hit a sort of cut shot here, it'll feed down into this area here.

Left isn't horrendous, that stuff's pretty heavy going. So you want to kind of be up the left side with a fade. The green is where it starts to again become pretty interesting.

Right, this area is very penal, it's got a lot of rough just now and there's a lot of runoff here. So you want to be sort of trying to aim up into this middle of the green here. Hopefully you get a couple of pins like where that one is and up here it's a bit easier. If you miss right, as long as you're not downwind it's okay to chip from there. The back's difficult, you don't want to be over the back, it's a real steep runoff there.

So into this area here would be my advice.
14th Hole
The 14th, it's generally into the wind. Long is good. Long is good. It's an easy putt back up. It all sort of feeds in from around here. Long and left isn't so good. You're kind of stuck down in this wee hole here. But anything from here will kick you down. There's two shoulders here that will feed it into the middle. It's quite a big green bailout, kind of long right. In this area it's again sort of long as long as the answer here everything feeds down into the middle of the green so just pick your shot and hit a good one as the call here.
15th Hole
Good hole, first priority avoid the two bunkers on the right. The house is a great line. It'll bounce slightly down off this shoulder here. So avoid these two bunkers and obviously the two on the left. So if you can hug one up the right hand side, it's pretty much aiming at this house here in the distance. That's your line off the tee, it's just driver, smash it.

When it comes to the green, these bunkers aren't in play they're too far back, but there's a real big shoulder here that everything kicks down left into. So I try and hit my second shots.  If it's long and it's playing long, I'll maybe hit my five iron or whatever up the right hand side here and it'll feed down into the green.

This is a really flat green. It's actually a good birdie chance. I think this is one of the better stretches in the back nine, giving you a chance of a birdie. The green is very flat. It's quite holeable and dependent on the wind. You could find yourself miles up that hole with a wedge. Equally it could be straight into the teeth if the winds off that left it can be long but this is one this is one to try and get try and get a shot back at on the back nine.
16th Hole
16  - Be careful of the burn, that's your really only criteria here. Depending on what the wind is doing, you need to be short of this burn. Equally that being said, you can get over it. If it's downwind, just smash the driver. If not, try and get as close to it as you can with a metal of some description.

Second shot, if you're not going for it in two,  into this area here. Leave yourself a good layup, nice easy wedge up the green that's the answer there left hand side okay when it comes to the green none of these bunkers are actually that deep it's not that difficult. If you end up in one of them the green slopes from back to front it can be quite quick putting down this green. If you have gone for it in two you invariably if you're successful at hitting the green you'll end up probably where this pin is it tends to run down end up there and if the pins front right, which it will be at one point just be careful of that putt.

It bleeds a lot left to right and it can be quite quick. But apart from that, good chance for a birdie.
17th Hole
Okay 17, this is a monster. From your tee it's 255 yards to the back edge from the middle of your tee. I don't actually even, I'm not convinced they're gonna put you off this back tee because it's just stupid in the wind. But anyway, it's quite a big green. If the pin's tight left, if you miss it left, you're dead. Invariably the winds coming off your left shoulder. You'll end up with 30-40 footer for your par.

Again, if you can hit a shot up into this right hand side here,  that's good. It's a pretty flat green. You can actually, if you do hit a good shot in here, it's quite a good chance to hold a putt because it doesn't, there's not many borrows on this green. So yeah, just don't miss left. Try and get it up into this right hand channel here and you'll give yourself a chance of some description for a two. It's lovely if you get one. Get on to the 18th.
18th Hole
18, hopefully coming down with a one shot lead or a 10 shot lead that would be much better. The first and foremost again is just whatever you do make sure you don't end up accidentally putting it in this bunker here. I know Henrik nearly did it if you're pumped up be careful.

Off the back tee, it's miles back this tee, I think you've really got to hit a driving iron or a three wood into this area. If you're threading high of a needle with a driver so be it, you'll get down into this area but that's dead, you're coming out sideways so is that, these bunkers are just to be avoided. As you get up towards the green, these bunkers are pretty, that one's terrible it's really deep, you don't want to be in there.

You'll get a kick in off these shoulders so it feeds down into the middle of the green. There's not a huge amount of borrow on this green. You can hold putts, no problem on there. But yeah, the secret is just to get the tee shot right aiming into this sort of zone here on the right hand side and then feed your second shot in and off the right. That'll skip up the green quite happily. For a Claret jug victory!
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